New survey finds lack of opportunity holds back new employees

Over a third (36%) of recent graduates were disappointed with the levels of responsibility given to them in their first job, and almost one in five (18%) feel they’ve never been given the right opportunities to take on responsibility, according to a new survey by UKSP, the leading information site for careers in the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism (HLTT) industry.

The survey, which interviewed those who graduated in the last five years, also found that almost 45% believe they could have progressed quicker in their chosen career if given the right opportunities, with 22% feeling they have less responsibility now than they thought they’d have at this career stage. As a result, 45% said that the lack of responsibility they are given has made them question whether or not they are in the right job.
Lesley Potter from UKSP said of the findings:

“At a time of high graduate unemployment, it’s disappointing to also see that many employers are not making the most of the graduates they do take on – frustrating them by not giving them opportunity and leading them to become disillusioned with their jobs.

“For young people currently considering career options, as our recent State of the Nation report shows, managers in the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism industries are often younger than average – especially those working in pubs, bars and nightclubs, restaurants and events. There’s a wealth of opportunity – both at graduate and non-graduate level – within the sector for those who want to experience managing a business at an early age.”

With world-class events – such as the 2012 Olympic Games, 2014 Commonwealth Games and 2015 Rugby World Cup – expected to attract over half a million visitors the UK, the HLTT industry is one of few sectors actively recruiting at the moment. Recent statistics from People 1st and revealed that over 18,000 management roles were advertised from July to September in the hospitality industry alone.

The industry also offers fantastic career opportunities for young people looking to progress quickly into management roles. People 1st research has shown that almost a quarter of managers in the HLTT industry are under the age of 30, compared to just one in 10 across the whole economy.
Jessica Nitta, a Chef de Rang with ABode Hotels, said of working in the catering industry:

“Everything I have achieved has been through thorough training and experience on the floor. My progression within the company has been amazing. I am the youngest Chef de Rang in the whole of ABode. It’s truly unbelievable how much I have learned and how confident I am now in the catering industry.”