Travel firm protest ends in police raid

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A protest by Thomas Cook staff has endedFollowing their redundancies, a sit-in protest conducted by former employees of the travel firm Thomas Cook were brought to an end yesterday (August 4th) morning following a police raid.

Some 20 employees were arrested after staging the protest in order to demand a better redundancy package, after a number of branches of the holiday company were closed down.

The former employees will appear in the High Court today following their removal from the Dublin store by around 15 police officers.

Under the current redundancy deal, the workers are being offered five weeks pay per year of service, however, they wish this to be increased to eight weeks per annum.

Since the arrests were made, the Belfast Telegraph has reported that over 70 former Thomas Cook employees are now set to receive a more favourable redundancy deal.

It is believed that the package set to be offered will be equal to six weeks income for each year of service.


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  1. Five weeks pay per year of service is actually a very generous redundancy package.

    And I would would expect more significant redundancies from the high street travel agents over the next few years, like printed newspapers, high street travel agents are an anachronism dating back to previous centuries.

  2. FIVE weeks per year of service – blimey! Would have bitten their hand off for that when they ‘merged’ with MyTravel and made 3000 staff redundant in Rochdale….I think I only got the basic 4 weeks per week! Good for them standing up for their rights though…seems that TC are determined to rid anything of the old MyTravel from their portfolio, seeing Direct disappearing as well.

  3. 5 weeks per year of service is an excellent redundancy package.

    Why would TC pay more because of a sit in. Its only setting precedent for future redundancies….

  4. IAN!!!!
    What are you on about?
    I for one prefer reading from a newspaper, booking through a travel agent and i even prefer having my milk delivered.
    Calling them an achronism is an insult to the majority of customers who like face to face contact with those we deal with.
    On the matter in question 5 weeks sounds generous but thats the only detail we know. Are there any ceilings to the number of years service or reductions due to age; its easy to jump on the bandwagon of knee jerk reactions to Headlines and selective detail.

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