The top HR stories you may have missed this week

Listed below are the biggest stories you may have missed this week.

Top ten challenges of working remotely

Just under a third state missing social interaction as the top challenge to remote working.

This comes from connectivity experts 99&One, who found that 27 per cent see missing out on social interaction as the top pitfall of working from home.

They were able to collate the top ten challenges workers face whilst working from home.

Certain industries see a large rise in job postings and applications

The UK job market has been hit hard due to COVID-19, however, some markets have seen a sizeable rise in the number of vacancies they are posting, particularly those within the key worker sectors.

This research comes from CV-Library, which found that despite job postings and applications dropping by 15 per cent in March, those in certain key worker industries saw huge rises. Job postings in the public sector increased by 104 per cent, agriculture by 99 per cent, social care by 18 per cent, education by 3 per cent and distribution industries by 2 per cent.

Worldwide: labour of 195 million workers to be wiped out in Q2 by COVID-19

COVID-19 is expected to lead to almost seven per cent of all working hours globally in Q2 this year to be wiped out, which is the equivalent to the labour of 195 million full-time workers.

This research comes from the International Labour Organisation (ILO), which stated that 6.7 per cent of global working hours in Q2 is to be erased. As well as stating that 81 per cent of the global workforce live in areas that have either seen full or partial closures of offices. Also, 125 million of the 195 million of the jobs to be affected are in the Asia-Pacific region.

Remote working improves workers’ mental health

As remote working has been mass adopted due to COVID-19, employees are saying working from home and having time away from the office is having a positive effect on their mental wellbeing.

This information comes from ZenBusiness, who found that 60 per cent of employees say their mental health had improved due to remote working.

Three-quarters have furloughed staff, despite warnings it should be used as last option

Despite Neil Morrison, director of HR at Severn Trent warning that employers should refrain from furloughing staff and only use it once all other options have failed, three-quarters of employers have already done so or plan to do in the future.

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