Stress of workplace bullying 'undermines employee performance'Victims of discrimination in a place of business should not have to suffer quietly, but must ensure the issue is resolved by speaking to senior management members, according to one expert.

Mind’s policy and campaigns manager Emma Mamo suggested that allowing employees to continued to feel victimised and carry out stressful workplace tasks while enduring a state of fear is an "obvious path to unhappiness".

Responding to a poll released by Reabur on Wednesday (July 14th) which found that one-fifth of UK workers believed they were being bullied by their employers, she said that not addressing this kind of behaviour can undermine staff performance and have implications for the harassed person’s wellbeing.

Ms Mamo stated that the way bullied individuals feel about work "can have a huge impact on the way we feel in our personal lives and being bullied by colleagues can be tremendously damaging to our self-esteem".

By Colette Paxton