The snow is still causing problemsThe unprecedented cold snap the UK is continuing to experience – thought to be the worst in over 30 years – is continuing to cause problems in terms of absence management, in news which HR staff may be only too aware of.

Data from the Confederation of British Industry suggests the snow is set to cost UK firms £2.2 billion, due to staff being off and a loss of business because of the snowy conditions.

Aaron Ross, chief executive officer of FirstCare, said should the cold snap continue for another week, so will the high rate of absence.

“It is paramount that employers review and revise their working plans for the days ahead to ensure employee safety is at the top of the agenda,” he added.

Mr Ross advised employers to provide guidance on which activities will be essential and which can be put on hold until the weather improves.

The Institute of Payroll Professionals recently warned HR staff they may have to prepare for the possibility of training workers to cope with the responsibilities of employees who have not made it into work as a result of the snow.

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