The recession has woken up bossesBosses in the UK have been given a wake up call following the recession, one sector commentator has claimed.

Research conducted by Vodafone has revealed that management teams have adapted during the economic downturn in order to focus more on business growth.

As a result, corporate leaders are now concentrating less on non-core business functions, with two-thirds of firms being found to have positively altered the way they work as a result of the recession.

Meanwhile, the average boss revealed that almost a third of their current week is dedicated to planning and delivering growth (30 per cent) – more than double the 13 per cent it stood at six months ago.

Commenting on the research, Sahar Hashemi, founder of Coffee Republic and a leading business author and guru, said the biggest benefits of the recession were that the typical manager now realises they need to spend more time on growing their company than they did six months ago.

Meanwhile, Rob Shardlow, sales director for small and medium businesses at Vodafone UK, said employers could continue to move forwards by focussing on meeting the needs of their customers.

"All the while focusing on growth – the most important horizon for an entrepreneur. The recession has also given people a wake up call in cost management and efficiency," he added.

Posted by Hayley Edwards