Public sector workers facing imminent redundancyThe GMB has warned Britain’s public sector workers that thousands of them will soon find themselves out of work, as councils start serving 90 days’ notice of redundancies.

Speaking to BBC News, the trade union’s national secretary Brian Strutton hit out at local authorities for their handling of the job cuts, claiming many taxpayer-funded staff will endure a miserable festive season as a result.

“Every job lost is a personal tragedy and often a family left despairing for their future,” he told the news provider. “What sort of Christmas is it going to be for the council workers under notice of redundancy?”

A spokesman for the organisation added that some councils, including Northamptonshire County Council, had opted to wait until after Christmas to send out letters informing people they will be laid off.

The group’s comments came after the Northern Echo reported Durham County Council had voted in favour of reducing redundancy payouts for departing employees.

Posted by Ross George