Home working may improve productivityAllowing employees the option of working from home could see HR professionals and employers successfully boosting the productivity of their workplace, it has been claimed.

A recent report by oneDrum warned businesses in the UK are failing to recognise the link between productivity, innovation and competitive advantage that flexible working practices can offer.

It stated remote working could also help in terms of recruitment, by opening companies up to a larger and more varied work force.

Commenting on the news, Mark Lewis, senior Europe, the Middle East and Africa director of marketing and alliances at Riverbed, said: “If organisations have the right infrastructure in place, working from home can often prove to be more productive to many employees as there are less distractions.”

He added there are now many technologies available which allow employees to access business documents from home with ease and speed.

Flexible working could also be useful in terms of disaster preparation, as time and money would not be lost through businesses closing.

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