Two thirds of small businesses would be reluctant to hire from the public sector as they consider public sector employees to be less dynamic and driven than those from the private sector, a new survey reveals.

The poll from, a group buying site for small businesses, found that although a third (34%) of those surveyed had noticed an increase in job applications from former public sector employees, the majority said they would be more inclined to employ from the private sector.

In addition to 75% stating that they believed public sector employees were less dynamic and driven, 72% said they thought public sector workers found it hard to adapt to private sector working practices.

This will be unwelcome news to the government as jobs continue to be cut in the public sector following more than 132,000 job losses in 2010.

Per Larsen, co-founder of, comments:

“It’s clear from our survey results that the private sector has genuine reservations about the public sector, typically favouring private sector employees, who are considered to be more dynamic and to have more commercial nous.

“With further job cuts expected in the public sector, the government will be hoping that attitudes in the private sector change, and soon. If not, former public sector employees could face a tough time finding a new job.”