Prince William is the most qualified royal to be next King

Prince William is the most qualified to be the next heir on the British throne as he holds the best royal CV.

Royal Vegas, an online casino conducted this research which found Prince William to have the best royal CV as he has a Scottish Master of Arts degree from the University of St Andrews. He is also deemed the most charitable and has the biggest international ‘fan base’ according to the casino.

On the table of the most qualified UK royals, Prince Charles came fourth. Prince William’s wife Catherine, also beat Charles’ wife Camilla in the list of most qualified royals. Prince Harry also beat his father, however, his wife Meghan Markle was beaten by Camilla.

Queen Elizabeth II has been deemed the most successful royal in the world, due to being the longest-reigning monarch in history. Later this year, she will have been on the throne for 68 years.

Top 5 most successful Royals overall:
Position          Royal Name                         Country            
1st                   Queen Elizabeth II                    UK
2nd                  Abdullah of Pahang                 Malaysia
3rd                   Prince William                          UK
4th                   King Vajiralongkorn                 Thailand
5th                   King Felipe VI                            Spain

However, there are not any UK monarchs in the top royals based purely on academic achievements only. First place goes to King Vajiralongkorn of Thailand for holding a PhD in Law with King Mohammed VI of Morocco coming in second for holding the same level of education. Third sees King Felipe VI of Spain as he holds a MA in Foreign Service.

Back in October 2019, Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Catherine Middleton all joined the Every Mind Matters campaign which is designed to help people manage and maintain their own mental health by offering advice and steps you can take that helps you to manage stress, anxiety, low mood, or struggling to get to sleep.

This research was put together by concluding who the most distinguished royal is from different royal families around the world. Multiple factors were taken into account in ranking the royals such as their rank, length of reign, net worth, social media presence, military rank, education level, palace size and Google search results.





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