Older people 'should be able to keep working'The Equality and Human Rights Commission has called for Britons over the age of 65 to be allowed to continue working, it is reported, which may help to ease issues of age discrimination.

Currently in the UK, employees may be forced to leave their job once they reach 65, even if they are not yet ready to retire.

However, the commission is urging the government to scrap the statutory retirement age as it is both outdated and could fuel discrimination against older people.

Furthermore, the economy could be given a well-timed boost as it comes out of a period of recession by the money older people will be contributing by providing them with more flexible working rights, the commission noted.

The state pension age is currently set to rise to 66 in 2024 and 67 in 2034, but at the moment employers can legally sack their older workers once they reach 65.

Minister for women and equality Harriet Harman recently stated age discrimination in the UK needs to be addressed, by people to continue working past the age of retirement should they choose to.