The next year may be difficult for businessesNext year is likely to be difficult for UK businesses, despite renewed optimism, one sector commentator has claimed – which may mean HR staff wish to take steps to boost the motivation of their workforce.

The Confederation of British Industry has revealed the UK economy is expected to exit the recession in the fourth quarter of 2009, but growth will remain subdued.

And the Lloyds TSB’s Business in Britain survey has revealed UK companies are now more confident than at any point in the past two years and are hopeful of a revival of fortunes in 2010.

Commenting on the news, George Derbyshire, chief executive of NFEA – the national enterprise network, said he was concerned about what the forthcoming year may hold as confidence and motivation needs to be maintained.

“I’m worried that there is a lot of pre-election caution around, which is affecting investment and other sorts of decisions,” he added.