Students, graduates and young professionals will be able to benchmark their salary against their classmates, colleagues and other universities for the first time with the introduction of a new service from Emolument.

The Alumni service allows employees to find out if they are getting paid what they are worth and provides them with information they can use to decide what their next career steps should be.

The company behind the new Alumni service is, a leading salary benchmarking site that is spearheading the Transparency Revolution and changing the status quo by aggregating market data from thousands of anonymous individuals to provide information that puts the balance of power back in favour of employees, rather than solely with employers.

Every individual that contributes their data to enriches the information for everybody, so in return, each user receives their own personalised insights into their salary. The model is simple – crowds provide data, Emolument provides information, users make their own decisions. The aggregated market results are broken down by job title, location and sector to help motivated professionals know exactly where they stand, make more informed decisions to manage their own career and take the guesswork out of pay reviews.

After collecting in-depth data from tens of thousands of professionals, has now expanded its offering with the ground breaking Alumni service, which also compares salary data for graduates from each university in the UK and worldwide. This data allows young people to consider how which university they choose might impact their earning potential, benchmark themselves against classmates and make a more informed decision on what kind of return on investment further study of an MA or MBA might achieve.

Accessing the Emolument Alumni service is extremely quick and easy, with all data remaining anonymous, safe and secure at all times so individuals can never be identified. Users simply fill in a short online form that takes just two minutes to complete, then once submitted they will not only be provided with their own full alumni and job reports, but also have free access to browse the hundreds of Emolument Alumni and professional reports, using the filtering and dynamic analysis tools provided to quickly identify the most important information.

Emolument was founded in 2012 by financial services headhunter Thomas Drewry, when he realised the absence of reliable market data on bonuses and salaries was an issue for both clients and candidates who were only able to judge remuneration figures on small samples and anecdotal evidence. Drewry approached Olivier Beau de Lomenie, a school friend, about building an online platform that would allow professionals to contribute their data securely and anonymously.

Users can access the new Alumni service, contribute their own data anonymously and find out how their earnings compare against fellow graduates at