In a recent YouGov poll, 80% of UK employees are satisfied with the quality of their workplace, but complained about the distance they had to travel to and from work everyday – over a quarter (26%) would most like to work somewhere closer to where they live.

A fifth of workers (22%) highlighted their office building and lunchtime amenities as aspects of their office that could be improved.

The study also found that out of those surveyed, 28% felt positively motivated for work on a Monday, while 44% feel reluctant but ready.A minority (14%) said they felt tired and de-motivated at the start of the working week, and just 6% admitted they resented going in to the office at all.

Neil Darwin, Director of Economic Development at Opportunity Peterborough, the organisation that commissioned the research, commented:

“The recession meant long hours and pay cuts for many employees in the UK but now many workers are feeling more optimistic about the future and glad to have a job to go to.

“Uncertainty remains for many, particularly public sector workers, as reports of job cuts and austerity continue to dominate the headlines. So it is encouraging to see so many of the UK working population enthusiastic about the week ahead when they wake up on a Monday morning.