MCA reports recommends civil service outsourcing - HR strategy and practiceSending thousands of civil service jobs abroad, including human resources roles, might help to reduce the public deficit, according to consultancy body.

A report from the Management Consultancies Association, which included advice from eight UK advisory companies, said the next government ought to consider moving public sector jobs to countries such as India, as it begins the task of trimming public spending.

Dave Allen, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, remarked that the transfer of roles in areas such as finance, procurement and HR strategy and practice abroad would recoup £4 billion a year.

He added that the saving could be achieved through shared services and redesigned processes.

William Benn, head of public sector and partner at Alsbridge, stated his belief that the UK’s outsourcing market is “robust” enough to cope with such measures and a need for higher standards.

Recruitment and Employment chief executive Kevin Green responded to the latest Report on Jobs by suggesting the next prime minister faced a balancing act of stimulating growth while looking to trim spending without triggering a wider public sector recession.

By Colette Paxton