Some workers do not believe managers are effectiveFewer than half of employees feel their senior leadership team is effective, it has been revealed.

According to a study by the Kenexa Research Institute, only 47 per cent of staff felt they had an effective leadership team – which may have a negative impact on worker motivation and productivity.

This number was lower than that recorded in India (69 per cent), Brazil (59 per cent) the US (54 per cent), China (53 per cent) and Canada (52 per cent), although only 33 per cent of employees in Japan rated their management as effective.

This sees the UK falling below the international average of 51 per cent.

Jack Wiley, executive director of Kenexa Research Institute, said: UK employees view their senior leadership team as effective if it responds quickly to marketplace opportunities and competitive threats, keeps them informed about organisational issues, make quality and improvement top priorities and motivates people to work hard.

“These findings reinforce the importance of senior management’s communication with employees.”

A recent report by the Work Foundation revealed an outstanding manager was someone who was relationship-centred and who could think and act systemically.