Pressure and stress are part and parcel of the busy workday world, but stress should not just be accepted as something we cannot do anything about. 

Yoke Consultancy today launches their new wellbeing white paper on HRreview entitled ‘Three Reasons Your Wellbeing Strategy Could Be Ineffective and How to Fix Them’.

The study notes that 97 percent of companies understand that wellbeing is important for business success, however only half of HR professionals regularly engage with their staff about wellbeing.

The big issues 

Yoke Consultancy has narrowed down the three big issues that they believe are preventing wellbeing initiatives from spreading through organisations.

The paper argues that lack of accountability, an inconsistency of approach and a cultural disconnect are all to blame when wellbeing strategies are found to be wanting.

To find out how these issues can be addressed you can download Yoke’s whitepaper here.