Internal branding ‘key to employee engagement’

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Internal branding 'key to employee engagement'Employees have been urged to consider stepping up their internal branding efforts, which one expert has claimed can help to improve employee engagement in a particularly difficult period.

Jarrod Parker, consultants and actuaries head at pension benefit and advisory firm Alexander Forbes, explained that although the process is a relatively recent arrival on British shores, it can deliver real benefits in a short space of time.

"Internal branding is fairly new in the UK, but absolutely crucial," he said. "Internal branding and the engagement of the employee are almost symbiotic."

Mr Parker also suggested that many companies devote so much in terms of resources to external marketing that they often overlook the importance of ensuring that their own members of staff are aware of the image the business is trying to convey.

Bosses seeking to improve relations between those in senior roles and the rest of their workforce could benefit from attending the Employee Engagement Summit 2011, which will take place next March.

Posted by Ross George

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  1. I agree with the need to focus on internal branding for reasons stated by you. In addition to engaging employees I think the reason its important is that it responds to the today’s age where each of us are surrounded by brands and making choices on a daily basis on them. Its part of how we operate as humans!!!

    I have particiapted in the process of defining the employer brand for our company. Key learning was indetifying gaps between current and aspirational brand from existing employees, engaging them in bringing it alive as well as aligining internal brand essence / messaging to the external brand.

    More recently I have designed and piloted a internal brand implementation framework linking it to employee moments of truth and data analytics to facilitate embedding.

    Its going to be an interesting topic and one to watch out for.

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