HRreview’s Global Mobility week has concluded after a week of casting an analytical eye over the industry. As well as posting a whole host of features and analysis, we also began the week with a round table webinar with some leading experts in the Global Mobility field.

You can still download our Global Mobility PDF here, which features all the articles that we commissioned as part of the week. The contents include:

Tanya Thouw & Steve Marshall: Extending global mobility programmes 

Peter Taylor: International pension plans – dispelling the myths

Will Schofield: Stability and support – the keys to global mobility success 

Armin Hopp: Driving workforce mobility through communications support  

Helen van Eeden:  Moving boundaries: global mobility in the age of information

Matthew MacLachan: National success: international failure 

Brynne Herbert:  Bringing HR technology to global mobility

Sam Sprules: How to achieve a more cost-effective global mobility policy

C-J Green: Going global and moving forward as one

You can listen again to our Global Mobility webinar here.