Expert states HR strategy and practice is not boringDelegates at a conference on human resources were told this week that the profession must not remain a “well-kept secret”, if UK organisations are to lure the best talent.

Attendees at the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development’s (CIPD’s) Building HR Capability event were warned that graduates are perceiving HR strategy and practice as a “boring”, “bureaucratic” and “repetitive” vocation by Georgina Kvassav.

Ms Kvassav, who is currently on a one-year secondment to the CIPD from big four accounting firm KPMG, suggested that university leavers did not see a career in personnel as a valuable prospect for their futures.

She said HR faced a “brand problem” because the advantages of working in the industry are unknown to people on the outside looking in, yet those currently in the profession are aware of how great it is.

Earlier this year, expert and editor of CIPD publication People Management Rob MacLachlan for industry professionals to take pride in the fact they were in human resources, this despite the BBC head of people Lucy Adams claiming her strength was that she was not a HR person.

By Colette Paxton