When it comes to Christmas shopping, it’s been revealed that HR professionals hate the experience far more than any other profession.

Viking Direct carried out a survey suggesting farmers and the armed forces are close behind, whereas scientists and travel agents are the least likely to dodge a trip round the shops in search of festive gifts!

Interestingly, the study by Viking Direct also showed teachers are the biggest penny-pinchers, that teenagers hate the whole experience or that people in sales and marketing are the most thoughtful and generous!

The online shopping website www.vikingdirect.co.uk gathered the views of people in the UK and Ireland to find out what type of shopper we all are – we are either Dodgers (who dodge buying presents and go for vouchers), Pinchers (penny-pinchers), Planners (never go shopping without a list) or Surprise Shoppers who go that extra mile with gifts.

Viking Direct developed a shopper personality test – with the help of their celebrity shopping psychologist, Emma Kenny who is well-known for her appearances on GMTV, Big Brother and The One Show.

Emma said; “Viking Direct was keen to find out how people buy and the thought process people go through to make that buying decision – especially with Christmas around the corner. We worked together to come up with ten fun, short questions which people could answer and immediately find out what type of shopper they are. We all love to delve into our characters and our buying habits show a great deal about our personalities. Disposable income does play a part in our gift choices, but what this survey ultimately shows is that some people are just tight and don’t like splashing the cash – no matter how much they earn!”

Matt Smallwright who works in HR took the test and came out as a Dodger; “I have to admit the personality test rings true with me as I came out as a Dodger and I do hate shopping. I can just about bring myself to shop online, but I can’t stand trawling round the shops – there are so many better things to do!”

Emma again; “Whatever shopper type you are, we should take heart from the fact that most of us are either Planners or Surprise Shoppers and these are two positive personality types. The Pinchers and Dodgers need not despair – there are things you can do to improve your gift-buying. Take the test at www.vikingdirectshopper.co.uk and find out what you are!”