HR and corporate responsibility: Managers 'must lead by example'Using good management styles which show empathy towards staff and their welfare can help to boost company performance, it has been suggested.

Shaf Rasul, a judge for the 2010 Orange Leader of the Year Award, believes bosses need to take a keen interest in the welfare of their employees and even share personal experience of how this attitude can be beneficial to organisations.

Commenting on his own firm, he said: "It has helped office morale substantially. The staff are getting more involved in the business, they’re coming up with suggestions to make the business better."

His comments come as research conducted on behalf of the Orange Leader of the Year Award revealed that many bosses are changing their approach to managing staff, with many opting for an engaged, caring approach rather than resembling a dictator.

Furthermore, 43 per cent of senior figures turned down a bonus in order to be seen as more financially prudent.

By Hayley Edwards