Tube strikes are planned in LondonAbsence management may be made easier if businesses install remote access technology, which could boost the productivity of the workforce in the event that delays such as tube strikes or the snow prevent people getting into the office, one sector commentator has asserted.

Employers must make their systems accessible to staff off-site to avoid circumstances such as these effecting output, Mark Lewis, senior Europe, the Middle East and Africa director of marketing and alliances at Riverbed, claims.

He explains any event which means employees are unable to access their work’s systems either remotely or locally will naturally lead to a decline in productivity.

Mr Lewis’ comments come as it was revealed hundreds of London Underground maintenance workers are set to strike during February.

"Organisations could look to adopting a homeworking contingency plan. Many organisations today are set up for homeworking and so the tube strike will have minimum impact," he advises.

According to a recent survey by oneDrum, small and medium-sized businesses in the UK are failing to recognise the link between productivity, innovation and competitive advantage that flexible working practices can offer.