Globalism leads to employers sending staff further afield

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UK employers are looking further afield to exploit new business opportunities in the globalised marketplace, according to latest research from Aviva. The survey finds that 58% of employers sending staff overseas are posting employees to new locations, with the emerging economies such as China (41%), India (41%) and Russia (25%) featuring prominently on the list of destinations.

One in five employers (21%) report having increased the number of employees that they sent abroad over the past few years and a further 13% are looking to increase the number of staff they send on overseas assignments. Over half (55%) of companies are targeting new markets to expand their business. Meanwhile 29% believe they can make more money in overseas markets.

However, an overwhelming 68% of employers describe the relocation process as challenging, with 60% saying that different rules and regulations in relation to issues such as health provision cause them the biggest headache.

Over half (57%) say that they want to know that their staff can access medical support when they need it – and that treatment is paid for (43%).

Three-quarters (75%) of employers include international health insurance as part of their relocation package, placing it the second most offered benefit behind housing (78%). Other widely offered benefits include paying expenses (72%), arranging schooling (52%) and life insurance (40%).

Teresa Rogers, Business Lead, International, Aviva, UK Health, said:

“Relocation is not an easy task and staff rely on their employers to give them the appropriate support to make their relocation a success.”


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