Research released by the UK’s largest recruiter the Adecco Group, has revealed that although 86% of Britain’s workers think that having fun at work is important, 70% have worked somewhere where an employer has NOT promoted a fun spirit in the workplace. Meanwhile, nearly three quarters (74%) of employees said they would prefer to work somewhere that did foster a fun atmosphere over one where they received better pay.

In addition the survey of more than a 1,000 workers across the UK found that 67% of employees admit they feel less committed and loyal to their job if there isn’t a fun, competitive spirit in the workplace, admitting that they just do the minimum required of them.

The survey also found that only 30% of workplaces have sports teams, clubs or schemes which employees can join, while a further 68% do not compete with others at work, either in achieving formal targets or on a more light-hearted basis.

“As the global economy continues to strain under the burden of debt, employers should take heart from the fact that the workers we surveyed value a fun working environment over pay,” comments Andy Powell, director, Adecco. “Generating loyalty and commitment need not be about hard cash. In a climate of wage restraint, employers would do well to focus on employee wellbeing and happiness. However, a worrying majority of British employees are working somewhere which doesn’t have fun on the agenda. Sports, teams, clubs and schemes are also in short supply, despite the benefits they offer in engendering team spirit and positivity – especially when times are tough.”