Flexible work may boost well-beingThe well-being and work-life balance of female solicitors in the UK could be given a boost with flexible working, it has been revealed.

A survey conducted by the Association of Women Solicitors (AWS) and King’s College London has revealed one in two female legal professionals believe they are working too many hours each week but felt this was to be expected if they were to advance in their careers.

Meanwhile, 46 per cent of respondents admitted lawyers working in their firms had to put work before family life “constantly”, while one-third claimed they were dissatisfied with the opportunities they had to work flexibly.

Furthermore, one in two female solicitors admitted employees who took advantage of work-life balance policies were viewed as being less serious about their careers and 44 per cent felt working flexibly would have negative connotations for their chances of promotion.

However, those who did work flexibly felt less stressed as a result.

The Trades Union Congress recently urged that employers should promote staff well-being in the workplace.

Posted by Hayley Edwards