Expert warns of 'survivor syndrome'An expert has urged employers to be wary of the impact that redundancies made as a result of budget cuts may have on those members of staff left behind.

Institute for Employment Studies HR research and consultancy director Peter Reilly explained that it is crucial for bosses to handle any layoffs sensitively and effectively, while maintaining morale among the remaining workforce.

"You've got to beware of survivor syndrome," he said. "You need to give attention to the fact that people who are going to remain are going to feel ill at ease."

Mr Reilly advised bosses to ensure they take care when selecting which workers are going to be laid off and collaborate closely with remaining employees to ensure that productivity does not suffer as a result of the subsequent uncertainty.

Last week, the Forum of Private Business revealed that staffing problems and the impending redundancies are the biggest obstacles facing the owners of small to medium-sized enterprises.

Posted by Cameron Thomson