Employers facing leadership struggle, survey claimsA new study has suggested that a significant proportion of the UK's largest companies could be poised to lose top management talent over the coming months, despite ongoing fears about the strength of the economy.

Research carried out by Berkshire Consultancy found that nearly two-thirds of 200 senior managers at major British firms are unhappy with their present job, with 43 per cent currently taking steps to find alternative employment.

"Leadership succession planning and development took a back seat during the recession," said Berkshire development director Joanna Knight. "Agility will be critical if leaders are to deliver ongoing cost-cutting and growth objectives."

Almost half of those businesses questioned expressed concerns that top managers will move elsewhere as the jobs market improves, expecting to lose 38 per cent of leadership employees over the next two years.

Earlier this month, Institute for Employment Studies HR director Peter Reilly claimed that many public sector workers are likely to want to quit their jobs over the coming months in addition to those set to be made redundant.

Posted by Ross George