Staff can help employers make their workplace greener if they are given incentives to help them reach energy efficiency targets, an interior design company says.

The workforce can be used to boost energy efficiency in the office if they are engaged in green projects, according to Morgan Lovell.

A report by the Sustainable Development Committee has shown many government offices are not on track to meet their reduction in carbon dioxide levels for 2010-11.

Lara Conaway, Morgan Lovell’s sustainability manager, said staff can not only help in the efficiency drive but they expect employers to be doing something about it.

“Run a campaign to ensure everyone switches off their computers at night or look at the different technologies that turn off workstations automatically. Look at installing live energy data boards, linked to your new wireless sub meters,” she added.

According to a recent building audit, public buildings in England and Wales are emitting 11 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.