Employees 'feeling loyal'The global economic recession has had one positive outcome, with new research revealing the downturn has boosted employee loyalties.

According to the Kelly International Workforce Survey, more than a quarter of workers across the globe admit the recession has made them more loyal to their employer.

The study also revealed it was the organisations which had employed positive management, strong morale and active communications during the downturn which had succeeded in maintaining engagement among their workforces.

This was in spite of falling profits, job uncertainties and rising redundancies, it added.

Commenting on the findings, Kelly Services executive vice-president and chief operating officer George Corona said: “Many organisations have been through an extremely difficult period but some have managed the challenges in a positive way and have emerged with a new level of trust among the workforce.”

Meanwhile, an article from Kings College London by Richard Martin, employment partner at Speechly Bircham, entitled The State Of HR – From Recession To Recover, notes as the economy recovers, steps need to be taken by HR professionals to boost worker engagement.

Posted by Cameron Thomson