Work and life 'need balance'The earnings of businesses can be increased by 23 per cent if management ensure their staff enjoy a healthy work/life balance, new research has revealed.

The study by talent management firm Morgan Redwood has revealed that 93 per cent of respondents believe there is a link between the well-being of workers and company performance.

Furthermore, 58 per cent felt that the two issues were very closely connected.

Looking to the future, the top HR priority for the majority of firms polled was to increase productivity in the workplace, along with the performance of staff.

Janice Haddon, managing director of Morgan Redwood, said: "Companies who focus on and measure staff well-being are in fact being very prudent. They’re making as big a contribution to their bottom line as those who are looking at ways to increase sales or cut costs."

Holidays may be a big part of getting the work/life balance right, however, recent research by Mercer has revealed that Britons enjoy the lowest number of public holidays in the world.

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