Medicating the problem of stress may not help, one expert has revealed.Stress-relieving medication does not solve problems, according to one organisation.

The International Stress Management Association UK has said that the causes of stress should be tackled, rather than giving sufferers “brain chemistry altering drugs”.

Chair Ann McCracken explained that the problem can be due to a mixture of negative thinking patterns, events and circumstances and suggested that a change in self-awareness could be a cure.

“It brings the control within the individual, allowing them to make long-term, even lasting changes, which affect their health and wellbeing, including blood pressure, skin problems, anxiety, depression, headaches et cetera,” she commented.

The Daily Mail revealed recently that a ‘stress vaccine’ was in development by US professor of neuroscience Dr Robert Sapolsky, but Ms McCracken advised people against medicating the problem with new or traditional drugs.

She warned that there could be severe side effects, with some individuals becoming addicted.

Ms McCracken also said that relaxation therapies were likely to be ineffective as they were unfocused.

Posted by Colette Paxton