Does HR strategy and practice include office social media policies?Workers need to be aware of their organisation’s rules regarding websites like Facebook, Bebo or MySpace if they are given permission to access them in the office, it has been suggested.

Dan Raywood, online news editor at IT security publication SC magazine, warned employers to be certain that staff are familiar with policies regarding the broadcast of information or attachments when granting access to social media.

A report by computer content security firm Norman revealed that sites like these are an increasing target for cybercriminals looking for areas of the web to spread malicious software.

However, Mr Raywood said the decision as to whether social media usage is allowed in the workplace will primarily come down to the will of employees.

"If you want to attract the best and want the best performance, you give them what they want," he commented.

Technologies like cloud computing and social media have made UK businesses more vulnerable to the possibility of cyber attacks, according to a recent survey by Infosecurity Europe.

By Cameron Thomson