Could UK management be improved?In terms of strategy and practice, HR teams and workplace managers may have a lot more to learn, one sector commentator has claimed.

Sean Rickard, director of the full-time MBA programme at the Cranfield School of Management, said the UK “isn’t half as good” as managing as it perceives itself to be, in comments which may prompt HR staff to look at new and innovative ways to boost workplace productivity and motivation.

And Mr Rickard lay some of the blame for the UK’s poor management track record at the door of the prime minister.

“Gordon Brown made a terrible mistake when […] he took away tax relief from people who decided to study for a management qualification,” he explained.

He added that this will have “undoubtedly” discouraged many Britons from studying management, as it has made the cost of a full-time course for the qualification 40 per cent more expensive.

Mr Rickard’s comments come after findings from the Chartered Management Institute revealed that 47 per cent of workers have left jobs due to bad management in the past.