Energy efficiency may help with business budgetsThere needs to be a greater emphasis within the UK workplace on energy efficiency, one sector commentator has claimed, in news which may have a positive effect on tight budgets during the recession.

John Barwise, chairman of the Cumbria Green Business Forum, was commenting on this week’s unveiling of the government’s new paper, The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan: National Strategy for Climate & Energy.

He said the plans should be welcomed and that businesses were likely to respond to the government’s new mandate, but that organisations should also focus on energy efficiency as a way of managing budgets.

“People fitting energy saving devices, cavity wall insulation, new efficient boilers, [plus] a whole range of energy efficient measures would benefit businesses as well, if not even more so than some of the renewable policies that have been put into place,” Mr Barwise explained.

The government’s new plans have included proposals to create a low carbon industry by offering businesses incentives to go green.