Simplyhealth’s Annual Dental Survey 2012 has revealed that one of the reasons people don’t go to the dentist more frequently is because they can’t get the time off work.


The survey of 11,785 British adults found that of those who gave a reason as to why they don’t go to the dentist more often 9% said they couldn’t get time off from work. This suggests employers could be preventing their employees from caring for their teeth properly which could potentially mean that they have to take more time off in the future to treat dental problems.


James Glover, spokesperson for Simplyhealth says: “We would encourage companies to ensure that employees are able to attend health appointments. It’s important that people visit their dentist on a regular basis to maintain good oral health. It’s not simply a case of treating immediate problems, preventative dental care can save money in the long term and help to identify if there are more serious problems like mouth cancer.”


Health cash plans can help staff to manage the costs of their everyday healthcare, such as visits to the dentist and the optician, as well as trips to the physiotherapist and chiropractor. Starting from as little as £1 per employee per week, employees can claim cash back towards the cost of check-ups and treatment up to an annual limit. This can help them to budget for routine appointments and ensure they attend regular check-ups.