Communication key to business success, says HR strategy and practice expertCompany bosses in the UK are being warned to consider the effects of a breakdown in communication on the performance of an organisation.

According to David Pardey, senior policy and research manager for the Institute of Leadership and Management, maintaining interaction with staff in all areas of a business can ensure workers trust the information being given to them – a point that may be of interest to those involved in HR strategy and practice.

This follows research by law firm Speechly and published earlier this year which revealed that almost four in ten grievances lodged in the workplace last year were a result of a breakdown in communications, compared with just one per cent of complaints in 2008.

Mr Pardey added that a "defined management structure" is key to boost strong interaction across any given company and, if leaders are "concerned they are over-communicating or micromanaging", then the probability is that effective networks are not in place.

By Hayley Edwards