Creating a savings buffer means putting money aside regularly.

However, a survey from from leading Financial Wellbeing Provider, Neyber, shows that nearly a fifth of employees (18 per cent) are not saving anything at all each month.

For those earning between £10,000 and £19,999, that figure is far higher, at 26 per cent.

As the primary source of income, employers are in a great position to reinforce the importance of regular saving, through financial education and providing support to help employees choose the right products for their needs.

Employers spend a considerable amount of money providing benefits for their employees, often these include protection and savings products as well as voluntary benefits such as discount and employee purchase schemes.

It’s vital that employees understand and recognise the value of these benefits. Clear communication and easy access for employees play a huge part in achieving engagement, as well as ensuring information and guidance to build knowledge. This allows employees to make smart, well informed decisions about what is right for them and their loved ones.


Neyber’s full report – the DNA of financial wellbeing – can be found here.