Businesses need better information on work experienceUK businesses need to be armed with the correct information about what they are able and unable to do in terms of work internships and placements, one sector commentator has claimed, which may see HR teams better able to cope with talent management.

Rachel Krys, campaign director of the Employers Forum on Age, said that "good employers" would not wish to miss out on potential young talent and so should continue to invest in such would-be workers.

However, she added that things were difficult for managers in this respect at the moment, with some being told that internships go against minimum wage and age discrimination regulations.

"We either are encouraging volunteering or we are not. Employers need to be told what is lawful and what is not and the government needs to take the initiative there," Ms Krys stated.

Her comments come after former Bank of England labour market expert Professor David Blanchflower issued a warning on youth employment as part of a speech for the National Young Volunteers Service.

He claimed that the ongoing downturn could lead to "permanent scars" for youth employment.

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