The government is set to publish a Digital Transformation Plan this autumn which will focus on improving the UK’s poor levels of productivity. It will champion a widespread approach to help foster digital change – including shaking up regulations to allow easier adoption of emerging technology.

George Osborne’s strategy will reportedly raise the GDP by 31 percent, which equates to £21,000 to every household. Businesses are also beginning  to adapt and forward-thinking blue-chip brands are leading the way in transforming run-of-the-mill offices to smart, agile workplaces.

Multi-national firms are now relying on world-class technology, such as the solutions from market-leading workplace technology expert Condeco Software, to radically transform their workplace and create smart offices which are fit for purpose in the ever-evolving business landscape. With the globalised economy placing increased demands on the daily operations of businesses, digital connectivity is becoming a vital part for companies who are striving to compete against rivals and keep their competitive edge.

Paul Statham, CEO and Founder of Condeco Software, comments:

“The Digital Transformation Plan will be a huge boost to the economy but cutting edge businesses are going further and deploying workplace technology as a secret weapon to power growth, productivity and to attract the very best talent. Digital transformation is vital for businesses operating in all sectors.

“Companies with global operations are recognising the need to create a digital workplace which allows for seamless collaboration and gives staff members the ability to communicate with each other easily, no matter where they are in the world.

“World-class firms are now investing heavily in workplace technology as many realise it is the key to better collaboration. A smart office can be a powerful tool in this ultra-competitive market – it can help improve the output of a business and also impress potential clients, influential figures, and future employees who visit these smart offices.

“The rise of the smartphone and superfast broadband has meant that firms are operating in a global business environment where staff can connect with one another at any time of the day. Business operations are now becoming more interconnected and staff members need to collaborate from different parts of the world – so agility on a global scale is vital if firms want to see off fierce competition.”