Britain’s workers are more disengaged than their counterparts elsewhere in western Europe, according to new research from global management consultancy firm the Hay Group.

The poll found more than half of employees polled felt disaffected from their role and the organisation they worked for, while nearly one-quarter of staff were considered ineffective by bosses.

“Disengaged employees can have a detrimental effect on a business’ bottom line,” said Hay Group director Graeme Yell. “Companies must act to safeguard and maximise engagement levels among their staff or risk suffering financially.”

Over three-quarters of executive participants viewed employee disengagement as a major threat to the success of their business and 52 per cent stated that the issue is discussed regularly at management level – as opposed to 41 per cent across Europe.

Last week, a study published by Mercer showed that its indicator of communication levels between bosses and staff fell by 17 points between 2006 and this year.

Posted by Cameron Thomson