The recession 'has changed working practices'One upside of the ongoing recession has been the rise in better workplace practices, one sector commentator has claimed, in what may be good news for HR teams.

Phil Flaxton, chief executive for Work Wise UK, said more businesses were now looking at ways to save money and one way they could achieve this was through smarter working practices.

“As we come out of the recession, I don’t think that businesses will necessarily say ‘well that was it, now we can go back to presenteeism’. I think a lot of them will say, ‘this is what we have learnt during the recession, flexible workforces do work’,” he added.

Mr Flaxton noted that due to this, he predicted a growth in interaction between businesses and a trend for sharing resources which would lead to a different workforce in the future.

Meanwhile, the latest report from the Confederation of British Industry, entitled The Shape of Businesses: The Next 10 Years, has laid out the group’s view that the recession may have been a catalyst for a new era of business.