Independent research by Acas has found that Acas intervention in industrial disputes helps reach a settlement in over eight out of ten cases.

Of the employers and trade unions questioned, 68% said that without Acas help the dispute would have taken longer to resolve. They also reported longer term workplace benefits from using Acas, including:

  • 63% said that their organisation was more effective at dealing with disputes.
  • 60% had better communication between management and workers.
  • 55% said that they had improved employment relations.

Acas Chief Conciliator, Peter Harwood, commented:

“These findings show how our experienced network of conciliators play a vital role in resolving industrial disputes quickly and how we have helped employers to implement more productive working practices.”

The survey of 345 customers of the collective conciliation service, which was carried out between November 2010 and November 2011 also found that users of the service were predominantly from larger organisations (over 1,000 employees) and that 46% of disputes involved issues around pay, while 22% related to other terms of employment including pensions and leave.

In the last financial year 2011-12, Acas was called in to help resolve nearly 1,000 disputes.