More older women are putting off retirementFemale workers in the UK are more likely to put off leaving work to enjoy the benefits of retirement than they were several years ago, it has been revealed.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the average age that a woman chooses to retire now is 62 years and four months, in comparison to 1984 when this age stood at 60 years and eight months, the Daily Mail reports.

Indeed, almost one million women are now choosing to work past the age of retirement.

The newspaper reports that the recession is a driving factor behind many women’s decision to stay in work for longer, with 70 per cent stating that they had no other choice but to remain in employment.

Meanwhile, a recent study by the Quality of Work Life revealed that people aged either under 25 or over 60 have been found to be the most satisfied in their working lives, a trend researchers called the “pre-retirement bounce”.