Hoping for bonus instead of a Christmas party this year? Think again

Hoping for a bonus instead of a Christmas party this year? Think again

Have you heard the news? Christmas is commercial these days, it’s all about money. Up until recently it used to be about money and having a nice time with family and friends, but now, apparently, it’s just about the money.

According to new research by CareerBuilder, 86 percent of employees would prefer a Christmas bonus than spend some quality time with their colleagues at a Christmas Party. I know! Can you believe it!? But laugh it up you money-grabbing so-and-sos’ because 53 percent of employers won’t be giving a bonus in pay packets this year. Nada. Not a penny.

Christmas bash

To rub salt into the wound though, according to the research, 60 percent of employers will be hosting a Christmas party, so if you were hoping to dodge that particular bullet, then think again. And guess what? 16 percent of employers are holding a bigger Christmas bash than they did last year, so there really is no escape.

Of those cash-rich characters lucky enough to be getting a bonus IT workers will be in line for the biggest windfall, with 29 per cent of employers in the sector saying they are giving bigger bonuses than they were last year, followed by:

  • Accountants (28 per cent)
  • Sales (27 per cent)
  • Marketing (26 per cent)
  • Operations (25 per cent)
  • HR (20 per cent)

Good news

For those who are being rewarded with a bonus, there’s further good news: a fifth (20 per cent) of employers are giving a bigger Christmas bonus than they did last year, and a further 22 percent are giving one the same size.

But if you’re not getting a bonus then hard cheese…you’re heading to the Christmas party. Sorry about that.