What employees want for Christmas

Men want  more compensation and women prefer development

Men are less happy than women with compensation at work – a survey of over 10,000 employees from digital platform, Engaging Works shows. The survey of qualitative responses of what employees want for Christmas from their employers also show that women are more likely to mention development opportunities.

Surprisingly, the need for work-life balance is the same for men and women. These findings are encouraging for the ‘gender pay gap’, with women seemingly more satisfied with compensation. The findings could also show that women rate development over compensation and pay at work.

Commenting on the importance of engagement and happiness at work, founder of Engaging Works and former Minister for Trade and Investment, Lord Price says,

We have found academic research to show that businesses with engaged workforces have productivity which is 20per cent higher and profits 20per cent higher, so it is important for employers to help employees be engaged with their work. At Engaging Works our mission is to make the world a little happier and we want to help businesses and individuals improve workplace happiness.

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