50 final-year undergraduates and recent graduates will be given the opportunity to work directly with the leaders of the businesses and to contribute to a strategic mission for Sonae, Sonae Indústria or Sonae Capital as part of the Contacto Programme. Applications for the programme are open until 19th April.

The Contacto Programme, an initiative of Sonae companies for recruitment of young people with high-potential, this year has an innovative format, including Sonae future Quest 2015. This challenge will assess candidates based on their potential and ability to imagine and create, going beyond their academic results.

Interested candidates should fill out their Rede Contact profile, and if eligible for the programme will be challenged to discover their potential through a gamified system based on an ‘exchange of avatars’. These are characters that embody the candidate’s potential as seem by the people who know them best, such as family, friends, teachers and colleagues. As well as this they are encouraged to ‘imagine and create’ in order to present their vision of the future of Sonae companies.

By introducing innovation and disruptive tools into the selection process, Sonae favours young talents who, in addition to the knowledge they have gained, stand out for their creativity, team spirit, work capacity and learning.

Isabel Barros, head of talent management at Sonae, says:

“Sonae decisively supports the training and development of young people throughout their training, carrying out numerous initiatives to bring them closer to the working market. The Contacto Programme is one of these initiatives focused on final-year undergraduates and recent graduates from both Portugal and abroad. This year via Sonae Future Quest challenges young people who have can imagine and create the future and who are able to learn and work collaboratively.”

Candidates who distinguish themselves for their skills and abilities will be invited to attend the Assessment Day, which features various challenges and tests that will select 50 young people to take part in Contacto Day as Contacto 2015 Trainees. The internships start in September and the trainees, alongside the responsibilities they have as part of their internship, will have the opportunity to carry on networking and working on projects that are relevant to Sonae’s businesses and products.

Title image courtesy of Sonae