An expert has advised employers to let staff take sabbaticalsCompanies which allow staff to take sabbatical breaks away from work are enjoying the benefits through having a more energetic and positive workforce, one expert has suggested.

According to Keep Britain Working researcher Katy Richardson, lengthy sojourns can bring positives to both employees and employers alike and have become increasingly commonplace since the onset of the economic downturn.

"Following the financial crisis, an unprecedented high number of employers encouraged staff to take sabbaticals," she said. "Now that growth has returned, those far-sighted employers are reaping their reward."

She added that individuals returning from extended breaks can often bring fresh ideas with them in addition to a stronger sense of loyalty, as well as their valuable experience and knowledge of the requirements of their role.

Her comments came after research from financial services firm Santander revealed that 1.2 million British workers have taken time off since the start of the recession, with half a million doing so due to the weak state of the jobs market.

Posted by Cameron Thomson