A record number of taxpayers filed their Self Assessment tax returns online this year, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) revealed.

A total of 6,429,899 people filed online by the 31 January deadline – three quarters of all returns submitted. This represents an increase of nearly 12% on the 2009 total, when around 5.8m people filed online by 31 January.

On the busiest day for online returns, Friday 29 January, HMRC received 384,638 online SA returns. And the rush hour for online tax returns occurred between 4pm and 5pm on that same day, when 39,512 returns were received by HMRC.

Welcoming the figures, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP, said:

“More people than ever before are now filing their tax returns online. It’s easier, quicker and HMRC processes your return faster, so any money you’re owed is repaid more quickly. If you haven’t yet made the switch from paper to online, do so, and join the millions who are benefiting already.”