An expert has expressed optimism over pay transparencyAn expert has suggested that Britain is moving into a new "age of transparency" in employer-employee relations and suggested more workers could obtain fairer pay packets as a result.

Work Wise UK chief executive Phil Flaxton pointed to government efforts to publicise details of public sector management pay as an example of the change in attitudes and welcomed recent developments.

"The secrecy which has existed for a number of decades in terms of the way employers deal with their staff is becoming indicative of a bygone era," he explained. "I just think it is indicative of the way we are moving."

Mr Flaxton added that some British firms lived beyond their means towards the end of the last decade and expressed hope that the current austerity drive may lower expenditure to a more realistic level.

Bosses concerned about the impact spending cuts could have on government-funded organisations could benefit from attending the HR in the Public Sector 2010 event in London on November 25th 2010.

Posted by Ross George